The Runestone Journal # 1!!

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The Runestone Journal # 1!!


With all the changes and cycles of the AFA it's not too surprising that we'd eventually see a return of its signature journal, The Runestone Journal. However, rather than a glossy, full-size magazine as before, it is returning in a 6"x9" bound soft cover book, totaling over 200 pages of articles, essays, photography, poetry and art on 100% recycled paper.

From an interview with Chris Larsen of Odin Lives! Radio to the very first English translation of Rydberg's 1892 "the Heroic Saga on the Rokstone", Issue One delivers a span of contemporary and classical folkish Asa thought.

This is a limited edition; new issues will be available annually.

Issue One includes work by:

Juleigh Howard-Hobson (editor)
Tina Lebouthillier (art editor)
Dave Hobson (production, design, layout)
Stephen McNallen
Stefn Thorsman
Stefn Ullarsson Piparskegger *
Matthew Holmes *
Michaela Macha
Viktor Rydberg (William Reaves trans.)
Kent Odinsson *
Dari Einarfjordson
Thomas Karlsson
Swain Wodening
Robert Etter
Ed Lebouthillier
David B. Tag Taggart
Chris Larsen
Ignacio Cuenya
Jackie Rae Hannigan
Rick Oberg

Thanks to Josh Buckley (Tyr) for his advice and guidance!

* Pushcart Prize nominees

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